The Royal Cyprian Academy is a governmental body of the Kingdom. Its members are appointed by His Majesty on the advice of already existing members. The Academy is split into three circles: for Liberal, Fine and Useful Arts.

Circle for Liberal Arts Edit

Department of Theology Edit

The Department of Theology is responsible for storing those texts of interest to the Christian faith, as well as addressing, in conjunction with the Department of Philosophy, the most fundamental questions about reality.

Department of Philosophy Edit

The Department of Philosophy is responsible for addressing the most general questions, and also for preserving notable philosophical texts from the past.

Department of Mathematics Edit

The Department of Mathematics is responsible for preserving and propagating mathematical knowledge.

Circle for Fine Arts Edit

The Circle for Fine Arts is responsible for creating, fixing and maintaining the canons, through which Cyprian culture is promoted.

Circle for Useful Arts Edit

The Circle for Useful Arts is responsible for storing and propagating all human learning which is chiefly practical in its nature.

Libraries Edit

Liberal Arts Edit

Library of the Department of Theology

Library of the Department of Philosophy

Fine Arts Edit

See Hosker's Canons.