Kingdom of Cyprus
Royal Badge
Motto Βασιλεὺς Βασιλέων Βασιλεύων Βασιλευόντων
National Anthem Te Deum in B Flat
Te Deum in B Flat
Official Language English
Demonym Cyprian
Government Absolute Monarchy
King Vacant; the Regent is His Grace the Duke of Limassol
Currency Shilling
Time Zone GMT
Founded 01 Pri T1
The Kingdom of Cyprus is a sovereign subject of international law, acting as ark to preserve all that is good within both the English nation and the Christian Faith in these troubled times.

History Edit

The Kingdom has its origins in the Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus, its spiritual predecessor, which was founded in 1192 by Richard I of England and Guy de Lusignan, under the authority of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor. This kingdom lasted until 1489, when Catherine Cornaro abdicated in favour of the Republic of Venice; it would then lie dormant until the twenty-first century.

The state was resurrected on 01 Pri T1 by Tom Hosker, who thus became His Grace the Regent.

Government and politics Edit

The Kingdom is an absolute monarchy; all legitimate authority flows from the crown. Nevertheless, day-to-day government is conducted according to a written, codified constitution, wherein executive, legislative and judicial powers are separated and delegated to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Committees respectively.

Three bodies exist which are fundamental to the life of the Kingdom: the House of Lords, the College of Bishops and the Academy. His Majesty appoints the members of the Committees from these three bodies. The Executive Committee is drawn from the House of Lords and the College of Bishops, the Legislative Committee from the House of Lords and the Academy, and the Judicial Committee from the College of Bishops and the Academy.

Military Edit

The Kingdom is protected by a unified Royal Cyprian Army and Navy (RCAN). This is currently a small force, reflecting the Kingdom's small population.

Culture Edit

Cyprian culture is promoted through the use of canons. These canons are founded, fixed and maintained by the relevant departments of the Academy.